Some of the ways that we care, ​nurture, and prepare puppies ​for the world.

We recommend all our puppy families ​download the PupStanding App for ​desensitizing at home!

Our bedtime music is the Doug Hammer playlist ​on Spotify (or similar classical piano and guitar)

Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) is a two-week routine for ​puppies starting three days after birth. It includes five brief ​and gentle exercises: tactile stimulation involves lightly ​touching the pup's toes with a Q-tip; the supine position ​requires a secure two-handed hold, and holding the pup with ​its head up or tilted upside down; and thermal stimulation ​involves placing the pup on a damp cool towel. Each exercise ​lasts 3-5 seconds, completing the entire process in ​approximately 30 seconds. These exercises, performed daily ​for two weeks, contribute to enhancing the pups' immune ​systems and stress tolerance, supporting their development ​into well-adjusted canine companions.

Early Scent Introduction (ESI) for puppies is a gentle and positive ​approach to acquaint them with various scents from an early age. ​This practice involves exposing puppies to different smells in a ​controlled and comfortable environment. By introducing them to ​scents associated with everyday objects, people, or ​environments, we aim to build their olfactory awareness and ​promote a positive relationship with various smells. This early ​sensory exposure can contribute to their overall confidence, ​adaptability, and well-being as they grow and navigate the world ​around them.

We utilize playful techniques designed to boost puppies' ​confidence and prepare them for the adventures that lie ahead. ​From sensory stimulation to interactive play, we prioritize creating ​a secure environment where they can learn, explore, and have a ​tail-wagging good time. Our goal is to create a strong foundation ​for your puppy's well-rounded development, where safety always ​comes first, and every playful interaction contributes to building a ​confident, resilient, and well-socialized companion.